Which mattress in overweight?

People who are overweight often complain of back pain because they cannot lie on their mattress so that the back relaxes. Those who are overweight and in search of a new mattress should pay particular attention to these three qualities: size, strength, and strength.

1. The size of the mattress: space to sleep

It is important that the mattress is big enough. You should feel that you have enough room to move at night. Large people and overweight people need large mattresses.

2. The mattress thickness for deep sinking

Under no circumstances should people with overweight choose a mattress that is thin. Spring mattresses offer a great advantage here, as they usually have the greatest sinking depth. On a thin mattress, you may be lying with your back on the slats of the slatted frame – this will definitely cause severe back pain in the long run! Or, if the mattress is very hard, do not sink deep enough. Then the spine curves in an unnatural way. Again, back problems are the result.

3. Mattresses in case of overweight: The strength is particularly important

Very important is the strength of the mattress. On a soft mattress, the body sinks too much, then the back hangs and you get back pain. Obese people, therefore, need a very firm mattress. You should only partially trust the specified degrees of hardness, which are not subject to any standard. If in doubt, ask what the manufacturer recommends. For pocket spring mattresses, you should definitely prefer pocket springs, and the rule of thumb is that a higher number of springs per square meter provide greater strength. Box spring beds and mattresses are specially designed for overweight people in the Box spring world.

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. The box spring world offers you the opportunity to combine the advantages of both worlds – spring core and latex – in an optimal way. So that you are comfortably soft and point elastic on the latex surface and are supported by the underlying spring position as possible. Latex again has the advantage over latex that it is particularly permeable to air due to its perforation and therefore offers very good climatic conditions.