The best mattresses for cervical pains:

It is an evil common to many and includes a whole “package” of pains such as migraine, stiff neck, pain in the shoulders. Let’s talk about the cervical a rather disabling ailment that can be “fought” even with the right mattress.

In fact, cervical pain often does not pass after sleep, but on the contrary, sometimes it is precisely lying down to accentuate the disorder. The high percentage of people suffering from this pathology rises with advancing age up to almost 100% of people over the age of 70.

A proper rest, in the mattress and with the right pillow, can alleviate, prevent and make the problem disappear.

What characteristics must a mattress have for those suffering from cervical pain?

The purpose of the mattress for those suffering from this pathology is to improve muscle relaxation and reduce painful symptoms.

The mattress must meet individual needs but in principle must be sufficiently soft so as to limit the pressure in the head, neck and shoulder area.

However, it is necessary to find the right compromise because a mattress that is too soft tends to sink the heavy part of the body keeping the head higher, causing an inevitable bending towards the top of the neck.

On the contrary, a mattress that is too hard causes a too low position of the head and consequent stress of the cervical vertebrae inclined downwards. You have to check out the mattress blog Bestmattress-brand for a good mattress.

There are mattresses that have a degree of softness differentiated according to the area (head, shoulders, buttocks, and legs) to optimize the position and distribute the weight.

Also for this type of mattress, it should be noted that the main choice factor is represented by personal tastes and physical characteristics.

The ergonomic mattresses designed to correct the posture are mainly of three types: spring mattresses, latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses

The contact surface is very important, better if in memory. The memory, we remember, is self-modeling on the forms and is able to distribute the pressure on the entire surface; in this way abnormal compressions are avoided, circulation is improved and even joints are beneficial.